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NoMakeUpSelfie Raises €1million for Irish Cancer Society

by Dermot Kavanagh Orthodontics : Friday 28 March 2014

NoMakeUpSelfie Raises €1million for Irish Cancer Society

The #NoMakeUpSelfie campaign took off over night last Tuesday. It involves women taking an photo of themselves with no make-up on, posting it to Facebook or Twitter, donating €4 to the Irish Cancer Society by texting “Pink” to 50300 and finally nominating friends to do the same. It must be said that men, including Ray Darcy (below) have made it their business to get involved too, by posting #MakeUpSelfies!


Some have been sceptical about the craze, questioning how it helps cancer sufferers at all, but the Irish Cancer Society announced yesterday that an incredible €1million has been raised from this movement. They also produced a donation map showing that the Irish have sent this worldwide, with the Irish Cancer Society receiving donations from all over the world.

Irish Cancer Society Map of Donations

It’s been a great boost to the charity ahead of its annual Daffodil Day. Best of luck to all of the fundraisers today. 

How to donate this Daffodil Day

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