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How To Claim Tax Relief For Orthodontic Treatment

by Dermot Kavanagh Orthodontics : Wednesday 21 August 2013

How To Claim Tax Relief For Orthodontic Treatment

by Michaela Simpson


There is no doubt that quality orthodontic treatment will provide you with lifelong benefits and value for your investment. It is, however, a significant investment in the short term. What some of our patients don’t realise initially is that there is tax relief available on orthodontic treatment, where they can claim 20% back in the same way that you would claim for medical expenses.

Here is what you need to know about claiming tax relief for orthodontic expenses:


  •          You can claim tax relief on any orthodontic treatment you have paid for, whether it is your own treatment of somebody else’s treatment.
  •          Relief is at the standard rate of tax (20%).
  •          You should make your claim at the end of each year (however, you can claim tax relief on any eligible expenses dating back 4 years).


How to claim

  • Complete the Med 1 form – Health Expenses Claim for Tax Relief (www.revenue.ie/forms/med1.pdf).
  • Orthodontic treatment falls under ‘non-routine dental treatment’.
  • Ask the practice for a Med 2 form which will confirm the payments made and will be signed by Dr. Kavanagh.
  • You do not need to submit your Med 2 form or receipts to Revenue but you must ensure that you hold them for a period of 6 years as you may be asked to present them at any stage during this period.

·         Any extractions, even though they might be required as part of your orthodontic treatment, do not qualify as eligible expenses and can’t be included in your claim for tax relief.

 (source: Revenue.ie http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/it/leaflets/it6.html).

We like to make sure all of our patients are aware of the possibility of claiming tax relief for their orthodontic treatment and are delighted to help them in doing so. For a treatment costing €4,000, you could see a refund of €800 – it is well worth taking the time to make your claim.

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