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Best Dental Moments from the Movies

by Dermot Kavanagh Orthodontics : Thursday 6 March 2014

Best Dental Moments from the Movies

Michaela Simpson

We were delighted to see "Gravity" do so well at the Oscars last week. When we first saw this movie last year, we were positively giddy watching the scene featuring the incredible floating Hawley retainer in 3D...and in space! If you haven’t seen it yet, look out for it.

Once we got over that excitement, we had a lot of fun discussing the best ever dental cinematic moments. Here’s a few of our favourites.


“Finding Nemo”, Dentist Scene

In this scene, the fish tank inhabitants heatedly debate root canal techniques and instruments.


“Little Shop of Horrors”, Steve Martin, “Dentist Song”

Steve Martin plays Orin Scrivello, DDS, the hilariously funny, sadistic dentist in the musical, Little Shop of Horrors.


“The Coneheads”, John Lovitz, Dentist Scene

Lovitz is the dentist, admirably keeping his cool while treating a patient with a highly unusual case...


“The Hangover”, Ed Helms, “Am I missing a tooth?”

After a wild night in Vegas, dentist Stu wakes up, minus one lateral incisor. The gap where the tooth is missing looks so real because it is. Actor Ed Helms actually had his implant removed by his dentist for 3 months when other options such as blacking out the tooth didn’t quite cut it.

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