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[Video] Perfect Tooth Brushing With Braces In 5 Steps

by Dermot Kavanagh Orthodontics : Wednesday 3 July 2013

Perfect Tooth Brushing With Braces in 5 Steps

by Michaela Simpson

There is no great mystery to keeping your teeth and gums perfectly healthy during your orthodontic treatment. The principles of your oral hygiene routine will be exactly the same as when you have no braces, which is simply;

- thorough brushing and flossing twice a day every day

- take care to brush ALL surfaces - don't neglect those tricky to reach areas.

The challenge presented by wearing braces on the teeth is that there are just more of those 'tricky to reach areas'; for instance around the brackets and underneath the wire. Therefore, you will need to learn some slightly new techniques and you will be using some special brushes as well as your regular tooth brush. Don't worry, everything you will need is available here at the practice!

Every patient of ours gets personal instruction and written instructions from Dr. Kavanagh once their braces are fitted and we are delighted to be able to provide this short video should you ever need a recap or a reminder!

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